Your charm in Apulia

Villa San Martino is the essence of luxury, a charming dwelling, which is only a few kilometers far from Martina Franca, a renowned baroque town, where it is possible to admire the magical historical center and to be surprised by its exquisite traditional food and wine.
Fine and clean air enshroud the Villa and give a sense of stillness. Villa San Martino is a charming, recently-renovated location, which arose out of the historical stones of a Masseria from the ‘800 and is now recognized as one of the most beautiful among the hotel facilities of the Itria Valley.
Walking along its enchanting walls, it is possible to notice a refined and exclusive location, in which the charm of the past is in direct contact with the comfort of modernity.
Surrounded by the florid and quite Apulian countryside, rich of secular trees and heady scents, Villa San Martino welcomes its Guests by awakening Their senses. The hotel’s decor and the precious textiles will rouse the enthusiasm of touch; the perfumes and sounds of nature will stimulate olfaction and hearing; furthermore, the colors of the landscape and the flavors of our cuisine will strengthen sight and taste.


Spending the night in Martina Franca, immersed in the luxury of Villa San Martino

This mixture of past and present, old and new, has always had a strong appeal, to the point that an ancient nineteenth-century Masseria has been transformed into a romantic contemporary residence. The peculiar style of Villa San Martino is the result of an accurate choice of colors and natural materials of the proper Apulian tradition.
An old-fashioned Villa redefined for the modern age, a place where immense outdoors have been set up with a gazebo and curtains and where the beauty of the location is in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The 21 rooms provided by Villa San Martino are a continuous mixture of antique and modern. Rooms are divided into 13 Deluxe Rooms, some of which located in the Maison Rose, 7 Junior Suites, 1 Suite, all set up exclusively with high-quality materials. Two of our rooms are thought to meet the exigencies of people with disabilities. Some of our rooms are thought to host up to 4 guests.
Alcune camere sono in grado di ospitare fino a 4 persone.

To spend the night at Villa San Martino means to enjoy the greatest privacy and comfort desirable in luxury rooms and suites.



Wellness itineraries

The Oasi offers exclusive and customized wellness itineraries to regenerate Your body:

  • “ACQUA ZONE” to purify oneself with relaxing, draining and regenerative treatments;
  • “ARIA ZONE”, where wonderful massages donate toning, slimming, anti-aging and hydrating benefits;
  • “SPA LOUNGE”, to enjoy leisure and a tasty break.
In order to tonify Your body it is possible to use our gym and the suggestive swimming pool on the terrace of Villa San Martino: here You will be able to abandon yourself to relax under the pleasant shade of the secular olive trees that surround the area.